Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Weekend Away.....Happy Convention

We decided to take off for the weekend and enjoy a few meetings at Happy Convention!  It was about a 4 hour drive and we stayed at a hotel in Plainview, TX.
All ready to go!!

Our hotel was amazing!! It was almost like three rooms, we could have lived there!!

We had two little somebody's that were HAPPY to be out of the car!

 very HAPPY!!!

 We had a lazy Saturday morning before heading off to convention

 They had a little play area for the kids....a very popular hangout for kids and parents! (Smart, I thought!!!)
 We told Akstel on our way to convention that there would be other little boys for him to play with and that he could have "friends" at convention! Well, that really stuck with him becuase he kept saying "friend' over and over all the way there! So...after lunch on Saturday we went to the play area and he made a friend!!! This little boy is Chance Hayes....his Mom and Dad are Loren & Rachel Hayes.  They lived in Killeen, TX when Coy and I lived there after we got married and Chance was born shortly after we left for Gulfport.  She is also Sarah Alink's sister who was in our field the year Akstel was born.  We found out that they live just two hours from Abilene!  They hit it off right away!
Chance had had a ball he was playing with earlier and it got popped....a BIG deal to a little boy! He was telling Akstel all about it and later Akstel came over with big eyes and told me "green ball pop!!" He is still talking about it if you ask him about his friend!! 

 That is one way to get a drink when your hot!!

 When we got back to the hotel we took the boys swimming! Akstel was so excited!!!
 Bakota enjoyed it!


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