Thursday, July 21, 2011


I hit up Albertson's for their big sale and took my coupons! Lesson learned.....check out the ads carefully, they word things tricky! They got me!!! I still got a good deal, but not as good as I wanted on the cheerios =) But, we got Pringles for .74 cent a can and fruit snacks for .39 cent a box!!!
 This was the best deal....
they were on sale, 2 for $1.00
I had to coupons for .50 cents off 2
Albertson's will double the coupon, making 4 candy bars free!!!! They taste so much better when they are free!!
 The deal on M&M's was similar, we got two packages for .25 cents!!
 I also found out that they will give you a .5 cent credit for each bag you take in to use for your groceries! Every little bit helps!


  1. Lol, I agree with Janae!

    Smith's had a Manager's Sale quite similar to that. I ended up with 4 Mint Musketeers as a partial bday gift from my mom!

  2. Kerry is so much like this...if it is on sale and/or cheap we buy a "bunch" never mind it it perishable or maybe not much liked....we will learn to like it!