Thursday, July 21, 2011


It seems no matter where we find ourselves living....small apartment or big house.....there is always a place that things get "put away" to make something else look clean!! This closet is that "place" here in Abilene.  It desperatley needed help and I had finally had it!

 I found a tool box at Goodwill a few weeks ago and finally put things in it!
 After. YAY!
 My stockpile of sale items! I hope we can live on cold cereal and fruit snacks!
 My crafty stuff made it out of a bin and onto a shelf!! Now, maybe I'll use it!!!

 There is no bathroom cabinets or drawers, just under the sink.
 A couple of plastic bins and it's better.
 Remember that package I got on Sunday? This was in it.....
 Vinyl letters for the boy's toy buckets!! I've been wanting to label the buckets but since the boy's can't read it would be more for me.  But, I had the idea of adding pictures to it so they could figure out what is suppose to go in it.

 My little helper saw what I was doing, so he dumped everything out of all the buckets and told me what to put on each one! Thanks little man!
 After!! Ahhhh, so much better! And he was excited about it! He is very particular about what goes in each bucket and won't let anything in the wrong bucket!!

Thanks Bama! (aka, Bessie!!!!) Akstel starting calling Grandma Bama insetad of just Ba.


  1. It's so nice when things finally come together the way you want them to!

  2. Bama thinks it is so cute!!!! Happy picking/sorting your toys Little Man!!!