Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Diaper Bag

Sunday night was my turn for a package!!! Delivered via this special method blogged here

 Some mail, coupons (yay!)
 and..... a NEW DIAPER BAG!!!!!! Oh so cute!  I picked out the fabric a couple of weeks ago, sent it back to Mama K and this is what came of it!!! She referenced this tutorial here but put her on twist on it and it is AMAZING!!!!

 Sippy cup pockets

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tag!!!
 More pockets!!!
 And a very cool pacifier pocket that hooks on the strap (tutorial here)

 LOTS of pockets!!!
 And the coolest part....(well, its all really cool), you can un-snap the shoulder strap and snap the two ends on the stroller!!!

Totally AWESOME!!!! Thanks Mama K, I LOVE it!!!! Oh, and Akstel loves it too! I told him that Grandma made us a new diaper bag and he said, "love new diaper bag"!!!!!  If you ever want anything handmade, Mama K (aka, Grandma and sometime Jenae) at Nae's Memories is the best!!!!


  1. oh my :~) glad you are pleased!

  2. That is beyond awesome! I love it!

  3. ....or then there is those that call her Bessie!!