Monday, July 25, 2011

The Boys Are Off To Work

We have to find the good in Coy being at home and not working on his project! And we did!!  He had to go out to his site to let the recycling company pickup the dumpster of steel so Akstel go to go to "work" with Daddy!!!  Akstel had been having kind of a rough morning and when he heard we would be going to the gym (not his favorite place lately) it got even worse.  So, Daddy asked if he would like to go to work? Talk about light up a little man's world!!! Coy wasn't ready to go quite yet and as you can see A was still in his PJ's but he was ready to go! He went and got Daddy's boots and was trying to put them on his feet!
So, we packed his lunch
And Daddy's
It was heavy!! Got him dressed in jeans, tennis shoes and of course his hat that is just like Daddy's!
"Ready To Go" was a popular phrase until they actually left!

He even got to wear Daddy's keys, which were like half the size of his legs!!

He wanted to show me what was in his lunch =)
FINALLY....ready to go!
Out the door
Unlocking the truck

Off they go!
Since they didn't actually "work" on the project, we don't have any pictures of that, but we remember a day we visited Daddy not too long ago that made a little man very happy!
Home again!! A great day at work!

I heard all about the huge trash truck that came to pick up the dumpster and the tractors he watched at the recycling center, it was amazing!!!

And of course, with a hard day's work there is a much needed nap!


  1. Love the sippy cup, going off to work!!!

  2. Love this post! He is just so cute! And growing so quickly! :)