Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bakota and the Cupboards

We have a little monkey who likes to get into the cabinets and rearrange things! So....Daddy and his big helper put baby locks on all the kitchen and bathroom counters to save Mommy's sanity!!! (This was done after Bakota had gone to bed)

Bright and early the next morning.....notice still in his pj's......Bakota is on a mission!!!!


Mom! This is SO frustrating!

Seriouslly? The fireplace too? Yes!! Daddy and Akstel even screwed the fireplace curtains into place....no more black hands!!

I think I've discovered where he gets the desire to play in the cupboards! This is his Daddy about 28 years ago!

How cute!

Now, I'm off to orgainze my cupboards! (Now that they can stay that way!)

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