Monday, July 25, 2011

Akstel and the Scissors

For a while now Akstel has been asking for scissors (he sees me use them but he's not allowed to!), so with all the school supply sales we finally got a "kid proof" pair of scissors! He was SO excited!

I'm sure it was inevitible.....he cut is poor little finger!  I was at the gym and Akstel was at home with Coy, I usually don't keep my phone with me but I decided I would set it where I could see it just in case he needed me.  I happened to look over about 15 minutes into my class and see that he was calling....uh oh!  I called him back, found out A cut his finger, grabbed B and raced home.  I could hear Akstel in the background crying "need Mommy", talk about break your heart.  I got home and he didn't really want us to touch it or look at it, I think the bleeding scared him, but we finally got him calmed down, convinced him a band-aid was a good idea, read some books and he was good to go!!

1 comment:

  1. Bama loves the close up picture of the chubby hands/ scissors:)