Friday, June 10, 2011

Texas has Goodwill!!!

We needed to get out of the house today, so we explored the local Goodwill(s)! Yes, we went to all four of them!!

And we were please to find......

A lunch box cooler

A racquet and ball for Akstel to take to the pool

Pegs to hang in the boys' rooms

of course....JARS!

A charging station

4 wood blocks that someone glued scrapbook paper and embelishments on. I have an idea for a project....stay tuned!

6 matchbox car books for .10 cents a piece!

A bathing suit top

and a shirt!

All for $20!


  1. Oh my u did good and all for $20! Know you had fun and I soon will join you and check them out all again!

  2. addiction fix!!!

  3. If y'all ever run into anybody named Jagielski, please say hi from us. Mike and Laurie are my uncle and aunt (mom's sister) and Phil (and his wife Jen and baby Zane) and Brian (and Rachel, but she's still at home) are my cousins. They live in Arlingtion and go to both Happy and Mt Peak for conventions so you should see them at one of the conventions (maybe). Anyway, love your posts and love "keeping up" with you! :)