Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Abilene Zoo

While we had family in town we had to visit the

Akstel and Traiten shared a wagon!

Albert the alligator

Not my favorite place

We taught Akstel to say "NASTY" everytime he saw a snake!

But he still thought it was cool to touch one!

This guy had split toes

and a really cool spiraling tail

I love this zoo because you could get really close to the animals

and even feed the giraffe! Akstel feeding it crackers

They had the longest tounges!

The zebra habitat was being cleaned so they were pretty far away

It was crazy how many fish were there! they were just piled on top of each other

This is what bears say!

They have this really cool train that you can ride around the zoo and see the animals! Akstel couldn't wait for our turn to get on!

Bakota woke up just in time to enjoy the ride

A HAPPY little boy! We asked him what his favorite part of the zoo was and it was of course the train!

I think they forgot to put these monkeys in the zoo

And the day wouldn't be complete without a stop for lunch

For more zoo pictures go HERE

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