Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Park

We always love to find a good park in a new place! Meridian has a great one!! They have a paved walking path that is a little over a mile that goes around the lake and several playgrounds, one that is very big and fun!
Akstel loves to climb the ladders and has no fear! (But Mom does!!!)

Bakota gets to hang out with Mom

Bakota likes the tunnel too!!

How fun for the boys to play together at the park!

And I LOVE that we have great naps after being outside


  1. What fun for mama and babies ... I love the hats... too cute!

  2. Where is the snow?! I am so wishing we were there with green grass & blue sky. *sigh*
    I couldn't help but notice the Thomas the Tank Engine book beside Akstel - so many memories that brings back! Happy playing!

  3. Wow! Tiny bit of green envy goin on here! ;) How are you liking the humidity? Or is it not very humid yet?

  4. Cute lil ones... I seen the Thomas book immediately! Thomas has been a huge deal around here... :)