Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011 Drive to Meridian, MS

We were awarded a new project in Meridian, Mississippi. We excited for a new adventure! In 2006/2007 we were in Gulfport, MS but never made it farther North so it will be all new! Here is a map of our trip. All ready to go!! This is a good way to start a 3 day road trip!!

This however.....brings the fun to a halt! Not too far south of Tucson (only 2 hours from home) we got our first flat tire! I'm happy to tell you it was also our last!!!!!! We felt pretty good about having only one flat on that long trip!

All changed out and ready to go? tire lost it's air!

Learning how to change a tire!
This time were really ready to get back on the road!!

SO happy to be out! Our first stop on in Van Horn, Texas for the night. We drove nine hours on our first day.

A view from the car

Enjoying some time out of the car at our second stop, just east of Shreeveport, Louisianna.

More of our view from the car! Getting into Mississippi we were suprised at how beautiful and green it is here! Lots of rolling hills. Very different from the southern part of MS.

And were into Mississippi!

FINALLY!!!!! Meridan is on the signs!!

A stop at Waffle House for lunch/dinner/breakfast! We forgot that in the South there is a Waffle House pretty much on every corner!

We can do 51 miles!!!!!

WE MADE IT!!!! 28 hours and 49 minutes of driving time, 1,561.8 miles!

Our boys are troopers!!!! I will admit I wasn't looking forward to such a long time in the car with them, but they did so amazing that I can't complain at all!! There was hardly any fussing! But they were very HAPPY to be out! (There was some fussing when we went to get in the car the next day!!!!)

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