Friday, December 3, 2010

Mathcing PJ's

I've had a pattern for a while now to make the boys matching pajamas, so on our scouting trip on the Wednesday before Black Friday I came across this very fun snowboarding flannel, just a remanant (it was enough to make Akstel's)! So, I knew when we went on Friday I wanted to get some of that since it was on sale for almost free!! Seriouslly! Well, when I got to the flannel isle it was gone =( Bummer...long story short, after looking and looking and asking other shoppers if they had it in their carts (you wouldn't beleive the amount of fabric in some peoples cart!!! hee hee) I finally found it!!!! And we had enough to do Bakota's and now I just need to use the rest for Coy's! Won't that be cute?

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