Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Friday Finds

On Friday we took two full baskets of clothes we've out grown to the Children's consignment store. We didn't really need any more clothes so we took a look at their toys! (Which I suppose we didn't really need?) But we sure had fun!!

We found Bakota a warm little suit for next's weeks snowbording trip

I found this LeapPad reader and two books on craigslist for a great price! It's a little above Akstel right now but he still has fun with it and when we get ready to learn how to read it will be a great tool!

A new race track with cars! Line up the cars, push the button and away they go!

Reading his new books! Very cool because it has a "color" (pen) to help make noise!!

So, I thought I would like on Craigslist for anyone who might be selling more books for the LeapPad and to make a long story short, I found two people that had several books listed along with their LeapPad reader. Neither of them wanted to sell just the books but came way down on their price for everything!! So, now we have three LeapPad readers and 25 books with cartridges =) So, we have one for each boy and we can try to sell the extra reader and a couple of books we got duplicates of! Oh fun!

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