Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Updated Office / New Craft Room!

We've been doing a little re-organizing with the new addition to the family coming, Akstel moved across the hall, Baby Brother moves down the hall the other way and Akstel's old room becomes the guest room. Coy has been working at the office and on projects and doesn't use his office much, so when I asked where he thought I should setup the craft room at he said why not use my office, I don't use it. YYYAAAYYY!! So, I moved my office (which was in the backside of the long living room), his office and the craft room in the bedroom downstairs. It is so nice to have it in it's own room and not in a guest room where I have to keep it neat and tidy =) So, it's taken a while to get it just right but here it is! It's been fun searching other blogs to come up with good orgizination ideas.

I recently found some cute spice jars at goodwill and thought they would be great for holding brads and other little things so I got them. After getting home, I thought, well I have a spice rack fulls of little jars in the pantry that I don't use very often, so can't my spices be in ziplock bags and I'll put the jars and rack to good use? Yes!!

And my ribbon was in a bin where it was hard to see what I had to use up, so........

This was the first way I came up with to hang them, which was better but if I ever needed to take the ribbon off, I had to undo the wire and I no doubt needed the one in the middle so I would have to take them all off.

Better yet.....hang them on nails! Works perfect!

I have a fascination (or obsession) with jars and have had many sitting in my pantry for a while just waiting for a good use. They are ALL finally used! (That means I can get more right?)

Oh, and I've used up all the formula cans I saved! I knew they would come in handy some day!

I made another board covered with fabric and pounded in nails for the thread.

More goodwill jars! And a goodwill shelf!

And I do actually do some work!

And my sweet husband who gave up his office still has a place to work when he needs it!

And it wouldn't be complete without a place for Akstel's toys =)

Needless to say......the majority of our day is spent in this room =) And we (I) LOVE it!!


  1. Too too fun, work and play!!!!

  2. Are you sure you are only related by marriage too us?? Repurposing, Goodwill and make do with what we have on hand, just great!!! YOU GO GIRL :0)

  3. Good job Jo! Wow! Mrs. Ultra Organized ...