Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Boy's Bathroom

Well, I had to make the bathroom boyish right? We never really use this bathroom and I always keep the door shut because the tub drips and is losing it's finish and the biggest reason.....we've found scoprions in the bathtub! YUCK! Well, to be fair, we haven't found any in long time and that's not the only place in the house we've found them! will now get used and it SO cute!!With the exception of the shower curtain, hand towels and rug everything was found at a garage sale or the dollar store!! I used a plastic sand bucket for the garbage can, plastic tub to hold the hand towels and wash cloths. Baby food jars covered in scrapbook paper for the toothbrush holder and q-tip holder. I sewed a strip of ribbon on the handtowel to jazz it up and glued the trucks and tractors to the wall with modge podge. Akstel loves the step stool....he can just get his head above the counter to see in the mirror and brush his teeth! Here is the link to our Picasa albums where you can see more pictures!

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  1. Wow! You are the most resourceful Mom I know!!! Way cute!