Saturday, September 19, 2009

Island Living....

Island living means not always getting somewhere on time......OR not getting anywhere AT ALL!!!! Last Sunday we went to catch the ferry and found out it was going to an hour late!!! That meant if all went smoothly (which never happens) we would get to the ferry terminal in Anacortes at 10:45, wait to get off the boat and then 10 minutes to meeting....hhhmmmm. Well, luckily we had 6 of us on the island that weekend so we were able to go to Phil & Nancy's for a small meeting =) It was very nice. It makes me think I take for granted living in a big city with friends all around and meetings so close!

It was wonderful to have the brother workers on the island for a small bible study last night as well!

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  1. How frustrating but ... glad you still got to have a'little' meeting.