Sunday, August 2, 2009

Crawling & Teeth

Akstel has been working on his crawl and really has it down!! He turned 6 months last Wednesday and woke up to two bottom teeth peeking out! We think they are pretty cute but I'm not so sure he is sold on the idea yet.....poor little guy. Were doing great here and settling in......island living is an adventure for sure! There is a professing couple (Phil & Nancy Schober) here on the island that we went to meeting with last Sunday, leave on the 8:10 ferry and get into Anacortes at 9:3o (a little late last week b/c of the fog.....funny to have to worry about these things!!!) Then on Wednesday night we go to their house where the Anacortes meeting calls them and we listen to meeting on the speaker phone! It's a small town and we are able to walk most long as we can carry any newly aquired items back! Thank goodness for strollers! We've been using it so much that we wore out the ball bearings in the front tire.....Daddy to the rescue! Akstel loves to go for walks.....sometimes several a day if we get too couped up! Here is a video of Akstel crawling....and I posted pictures of his new teeth in Picasa! We'll keep updating pictures of their progress =)


  1. I love seeing Akstel crawl. Just too cute to see him get the teething ring and then checking it out. What a bright little guy and CUTE too!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Too, too cute, we miss him and his mom and dad!!!

  3. That's my little man! He's a pro at crawling! And he's cute! Give him hugs for me. Miss you all