Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bakota gets glasses!

We took Bakota in for his 5 year well check and the Dr. wanted him to see the optometrist to have his eyes checked.  We went in and came out (several hours later!) with some pretty cute specs! I feel bad for him having to start wearing glasses at 5! But he was so excited because "everything has layers"!!! It's pretty fun to see his excitement over being able to see better =)

He's a very handsome little man!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bakota starts spelling!

Akstel started All About Spelling level 1 when he started level 2 reading and Bakota is usually listening in and picks up so much! He is constantly spelling things or helps Akstel spell a word!! So.....we decided he was ready to start and he was SO excited!!

He finished Step 1 (each lesson is called a step) and got to put on his first sticker!

He is so proud!!! (And Mom is too!!)

I love how the program works, it incorporates all the different learning styles in some way.

We have an app on the ipad to listen to the different sounds which is always so fun!
I can't believe how fast he is growing up! But I love this stage where he is so eager to learn!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Expedition Earth - China

We started a new geography curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschool and we're having so much fun with it!  It will be at a full year of visiting 31 different countries!

Our first stop was China, we found it on the map and taped the flag on the map.  We learned "Ni Hao" which is "hello" in Chinese.  We taped that card to the top of the map.

We enjoyed a dinner out at PF Changs!!
The before dinner entertainment!

Attempting to eat with chop sticks!

 We started construction on the Great Wall of China!

They wrote their names in Chinese and then painted them red.  We learned that red is the mail color in China, it's considered a good luck color!

We learned about their flag

And the different animals that live in China

We made a animal board so that we can add each countries animals as we learn about them

More work on the wall

 Kara G came for the night and helped with the building!  It was so special to have her =)

We learned to write the Chinese numbers

and made Chinese fans

This is their world lapbook and they will add an accordion mini book for each country.

All the countries have a divider in their binder.

We had orange chicken for lunch =)

Putting the finishing touches on.....

and it's done!! They had so much fun building it and now playing with lego men on it!

They glued the China flag into their passports and we're done!

We're off to Egypt next =)

Livermore Airport Air Show

A couple of weekends ago we went to the Livermore airport for their annual open house and air show....airplanes are kind of a big deal in this house!!

There was lots to check out!

The boys got to meet a SWAT officer and his dog!

My boys!!

And the big surprise of the day was the Coast Guard was there!! The boys absolutely  LOVE the Coast Guard! When they grow up Akstel wants to be a Coast Guard rescue swimmer and Bakota wants to be a Coast Guard helicopter pilot!

They got to meet a real pilot!!!!

and sit in a real rescue basket!!

and meet a real rescue swimmer!!!

We had two VERY happy boys!!!!
Dad thought it was awesome too!

Checking out the inside

Then we were able to watch them take off

Everyone is in

They taxied out to the runway

And then flew by again!

Little boys and planes!